Holocaust Heroes – Linda Stein & Renewing the Act of Creation – Rabbi David Sandmel



Linda Stein has been obsessed with the theme of protection since 9/11, and was drawn to researching the Holocaust. While many people have been recognized for their courage in facing these horrific times, less attention has been placed on the women who made a difference.

The four-part exhibition includes: ten Heroic Tapestries, twenty Spoon to Shell sculptures, a Protector sculpture with Wonder Woman shadow, and a 7-minute looped video. Heroic Tapestries represent different aspects of bravery during the time of the Holocaust: Jew and non-Jew, child and adult, World War II military fighter and ghetto/concentration camp smuggler, record keeper and saboteur. Together they represent the many types of female heroism, with war battle gear and without, during the years of the Holocaust. For her Spoon to Shell sculpture, the artist blends spoon and shell into an amalgam of materials, addressing physical and emotional abuse. Protector includes a Wonder Woman shadow and becomes a symbol for the brave defender. The video – featuring Gloria Steinem, Abigail Disney, Elizabeth Sackler, and others – is a tour-de-force highlighting female heroes of the time of the Holocaust, and the sculptures and tapestries that were made about them by artist Linda Stein.

The key message of this exhibition is to explore opportunities people have to resist scapegoating and discrimination, and to develop the courage to stand up for victims being bullied. While most people are bystanders under conditions of terror, there are always some who defy a malevolent authority and do what they feel is the right thing. If heroes existed during the Holocaust, then certainly we can increase the propensity for individuals to become more empathetic and compassionate under normal conditions, and on an everyday basis.

Linda Stein has been honored to receive the 2016 National Association of Women Artists award for her “Outstanding Contribution to the Arts.” Stein’s archives are at Smith College. The Linda Stein Feminist Art Education Collection is to be housed at the Penn State University. Stein has been featured on more than 150 television, radio, magazine, and online formats discussing her art and activism. If you’re looking for an attention-grabbing story or interview, then you will not want to miss this solo multi-media exhibition, Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females – Tapestries and Sculpture by Linda Stein.


Renewing the Act of Creation Every Day | Rabbi David Sandmel

Rabbi David Fox Sandmel started taking photographs a few years ago. When not out with his camera, he is Director of Interfaith Affairs for the Anti-Defamation League. Prior to joining the staff at the ADL, he held the Crown Ryan Chair of Jewish Studies at the Catholic Theological Union, in Chicago and served as Senior Advisor on Interreligious Affairs to the Religious Action Center and Adjunct Faculty at the Union for Reform Judaism.

In addition, he is the lead editor of Irreconcilable Differences? A Learning Resource for Jews and Christians (Westview Press, 2001), a study and discussion guide that focuses on core theological issues on the boundary between Judaism and Christianity. He contributed the commentary on First Thessalonians to the Jewish Annotated New Testament (Oxford University Press, 2011; 2017). Rabbi Sandmel is the founding rabbi of Congregation Bet Ha’am in Portland, Maine, and also has served congregations in Cleveland and Chicago. Rabbi Sandmel is also involved in Jewish-Muslim dialogue and in the tri-lateral dialogue between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. He taught a course at CTU with a Roman Catholic and an Imam on the Abrahamic faiths and served on the steering committee of In Good Faith, a CTU sponsored tri-lateral dialogue involving the wider community. Rabbi Sandmel received his Bachelor of Arts, with honors, in Jewish Studies from the Ohio State University and was ordained at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati. He completed his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania where he studied the history and literature of Judaism and Christianity in the Greco-Roman world.