Unorthodox Crafts : Meryl Ruth, Carol Stein, Molly Vogel & Ellen Wieske

Through December 24th


merylruth_chasekimugaiMeryl RUTH : Nationally Recognized Ceramic Artist. Teacher

My work is an extension of my faith. I create because I was blessed with a sacred gift — as I believe we all are — as well as the talent to bring it to fruition. Creating art is my way of thanking God for the gift bestowed upon me. Creating is a hallowed place I enter to touch my Higher Source. I see myself simply as a vehicle of God’s divining grace. My studio is my sanctuary. My work is my prayer.




Stein_BensChoice_2012 (1)




Carol STEIN : Multi-media artist, Teacher, Psychotherapist

My work reflects aspects of the human condition. I am inspired by the perseverance and energy of the human spirit, the challenges of adversity along with the hope that fuels the journey. My interest is in how we connect with one another: where, when, why and the nature of the connection. Attachment is primal to our survival as humans. We search for it, question it, lose it and find it again. The poignancy of the endeavor is that it is perpetual.






Molly VOGEL : Hand-Carved Wearable Art, MECA Graduate

The dark velvet surface of jet inspires me. It is in darkness where new growth begins both physically in nature as well as in our psyches. The forms I choose to carve mimic the human form and elements of botany, connecting the physical object to these cycles of growth.


EDSC09283llen Wieske : Metalsmith Artist, Teacher, Assistant Director of Haystack School of Crafts

“What” is not as important as “how”, “when”, “where” or “why”. In my studio, there is no hierarchy between metal (gold nor tin), plastic, rubber or wood. Each material I play host to deserves my full attention and respect. My skills hold no prejudice. I make many things in which utility and art interact. Glory to the everyday world, and may the ordinary be revealed to be extraordinary.