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Maine Jewish Museum
2019 Exhibition Schedule

Welcome to the Maine Jewish Museum, located in Portland’s East End neighborhood. The museum is housed within the restored Etz Chaim Synagogue, a turn-of-the-century house of worship. The museum has been the venue for contemporary art exhibitions for the past six years. These exhibitions, which change every eight weeks, feature established, Jewish-connected, and Maine-connected artists. The museum also houses Jack Montgomery’s photo exhibit of Holocaust survivors who settled in Maine as well as a permanent exhibition of Maine Jewish History.

January – February

Berri Kramer, Series of Collages, Spiegel Gallery  

  Jane Banquer, Hand-colored Linocuts of Maine. Fineberg Family Community Room

  Ilana Welch, Photography, Third Floor Sanctuary

March - April

Marty Kremer, Fused Glass, Spiegel Gallery

  Lynn Karlin, Photographs, Fineberg Family Community Room

  Co-Curators - Nancy Davidson & Nanci Kahn, Stu Nudelman, Abstract Photography, Third Floor Sanctuary

  Curator: Photography -  Nanci Kahn


    Edwige Charlot, Mixed Media, Spiegel Gallery

  Roland Salazar Rose, Innovative Techniques, Fineberg Family Community Room

  Linda Hirsch, Photographs – Cuban Jewish Culture, Third Floor Sanctuary

  Curator: Photography  -  Nanci Kahn


  Lynne Shulman, Wood Sculptures, Spiegel Gallery

  Marjorie Moore, Oil on canvas, conte crayon and oil stick, Fineberg Family Community Room

  Audrey Gottlieb, Photographs of Immigrants, Third Floor Sanctuary

  Curator: Photography -  Nanci Kahn


  Mark Baum, Earlier Work, Spiegel Gallery

  Later Work, Fineberg Family Community Room

  Jessyca Broekman, Mixed Media, Third Floor Sanctuary


 Rich Entel (Back By Popular Demand)

Sculptures, Spiegel Gallery

Celebration of Leonard Bernstein’s 100th Birthday

  Artists to be announced, Fineberg Family Community Room

  Alan Sockloff,  Photography, Third Floor Sanctuary

  Curator: Photography  -  Nanci Kahn


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Maine Jewish Museum

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