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Elusive Links – From the Spanish Inquisition to 21st century America
– Meet The Author

Sunday, December 3, 2023 – 2 PM

Join us as author Dan Rosenberg discusses Elusive Links, his debut historical fiction novel. Dan blends real and imagined characters into the medieval saga of Ben Solomon, from Spain in 1492 to Scotland in 1513. The medieval saga connects to a modern story in 2002 as Sandra Cole, a Jewish anthropologist from Maine, embarks on a romantic relationship with Rusty Stephens, an Episcopalian world renown golfer from Georgia.

A native of Cincinnati, Dan has been visiting Maine since 1964, originally attending summer camp in the Belgrade Lakes Region. With business interests in Bethel and Auburn since 2020, he now travels to Maine regularly.

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Elusive Links is a compelling work that combines history, religion, interfaith relationships and golf. Dan will discuss what compelled him to create a saga in medieval Europe and link it to a multifaceted story in the modern world. Learn how Dan used the sport of golf, as a metaphor, and the teachings of Maimonides, in eras separated by five-hundred years, as the structural foundation for the novel. Dan will describe his research and how he blended events and people, real and imagined, to create a page turner, as well as tell some of the amusing happenings that came along during his process.

In 1994, Dan self-published a short, autobiographical book, Random Destiny “A Collection of True Episodes.” As stated in the preface, “I seem to be at the intersection of events that might confound statisticians. These happenings cause me to wonder about the essence of being.” Since 2009, he has written over sixty-five pieces for The Connections Magazines. Dan’s column, aptly named “Random Connections,” is published in central New Jersey, where he resides with his wife, Abby.

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