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Art Exhibits

Welcome to the Maine Jewish Museum, located in Portland’s historic East End neighborhood.

The museum is housed within the restored Etz Chaim Synagogue, a turn-of-the-century house of worship. The museum is a venue for contemporary art exhibitions feature established, Jewish-connected, and Maine-connected artists and rotate every eight weeks.

Our current temporary exhibitions are listed below.

Masks optional. 

    • Lucid Dreams

      Jack Montgomery
      Maine Jewish Museum – Speigel Gallery
      November 4 2022 – January 5 2023

      When I was a boy, I had a lovely little sailing dinghy, no more than ten feet long. In the evening I took great pleasure running before the wind with the centerboard up, just skimming that surface between the bay and the beach, often scraping along the bottom ever so gently. As I grew older, I often found myself skimming between my dreams and my reflections while awake. The boundary between the two states has become porous, and it is in that space that my most satisfying images arise. What you see here are illustrations of the visions I find there. (Jack Montgomery)

    • Looking Closely

      Gretchen Halpert
      Maine Jewish Museum – Fineberg Family Community Room
      November 4 2022 – January 5 2023

      Halpert is intrigued by connections, how one structure attaches to, or influences, another. Smilax herbacea (front) is the result of walking into her back yard and becoming fascinated with its twisting vines, attachments and tendrils, unfolding buds, developing flowers and fruits. She followed this plant’s development from May to October, sketching, researching, learning, and bringing portions into the studio to draw from life. That which captures our interest lures us to further examination. She invites you to look closely. Gretchen Halpert was educated in botany (Connecticut College), scientific illustration (RISD/CE) and trained in medical research. Her work appears in books and journals, and she has been featured in various publications, including Scientific American. Halpert received a solo exhibition by invitation at National Taiwan University; a visiting artist and educator position through the National Science Museum and NSTDA in Thailand; and has been awarded artist grants through NYSFA. She is past president of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and founding director of the Scientific Illustration Distance Program.

    • The Blue Door: Israel's Diversity and Dilemma

      Hank Paper
      Maine Jewish Museum – Jody Sataloff History and Art Pavilion
      November 4 2022 – January 5 2023

      The Blue Door: Israel’s Diversity and Dilemma — showing for the first time — speaks to Israel’s very current moment, especially where issues of democracy and annexation are concerned. It addresses the question of whether and how Israel might continue to define itself as both a democracy and a Jewish state. While each image stands on its own aesthetically, the story the exhibition tells is educational, inspiring, existential, and a tad mystical.

    • Ted Arnold - The Backorder Paintings - Mini Exhibit for the Holidays

      The Backorder Paintings

      November 4, 2022 – January 5, 2023

      “In our land of the remarkable marketplace we can buy so many things, and we are promised so many things about the things we buy.  But there is a lack of products that address certain problems.  So I have created them.  Demand has been overwhelming and we regret that they are all currently on backorder. ”

      Ted Arnold

    • Maxwell Bauman - Mini Exhibit for the Holidays

      November 4, 2022 – January 5, 2023

      Maxwell Bauman’s collection of strange Jewish-themed “Lego Art” will entertain you at MJM during the holiday season.  The focus on Hebrew letters, 10 Commandments, Tzedekah Box, and Burning Bush are created using Legos as a medium.  He is a published author, and we have two books available further affirming his talent as a writer.