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Third Thursday Thoughts

Reflections from the Executive Director

A House as Tall as Me

Dawn LaRochelle, Executive Director

In the movie Six Degrees of Separation, the actor Stockard Channing’s art-world-obsessed husband observes that the local elementary schoolers produce what amounts to Matisse after Matisse. Without question, there’s something innocently and effortlessly beautiful in each new creation that arrives home from school, proudly presented to parents. But while I’ve…

Violins of Hope

Dawn LaRochelle, Executive Director

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Maine has an outsized creative community, and when we collaborate instead of competing, we have an outsized impact. And this month, I have had the privilege, as Executive Director of the Best Museum in the Whole Wide World, of participating in the consummate collaborative endeavor: the Violins of Hope Maine Project.


Dawn LaRochelle, Executive Director

Four days ago, on September 11, 2022 — a picture-perfect late summer day here in Portland – I was standing outside on my front porch with my eyes closed, soaking in the glorious sunshine. Twenty-one years ago, on September 11, 2001 – another picture-perfect late summer day — I was rooted to the couch in my living room with my eyes wide open, barely able to process the horrors unfolding live on my television screen.