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Artist Talk: Storytellers

Sunday, March 20 2022
4:00 pm

Stories we tell each other are all we have. There would be no past without stories of kings and wars and love and ancestors. There would be no future without stories of hope and aspiration and lessons learned.
Saint, whore, mother, daughter, queen, slave, hero, betrayer, betrayed. The stories of women are abundant in the Bible. The work in Stories looks at these tales with 21st century eyes and retells them in contemporary book art form. Ancient stories can tell contemporary truths.

Featuring works by:
– Jessyca Broekman
– Rebecca Goodale
– Jan Owen Annie
– Lee-Zimerle
– Sandy Weisman

Image: Lilith the Astronomer,Rebecca Goodale, 2022, Ink on handmade Japanese paper, Circle book with cotton braids

View a video of the event