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“Tree of Life” Tai Chi with Robin… in the Garden!

Thursday, July 13 2023 4 – 5 PM

“Etz Chaim,” or “Tree of Life,” is the name of the historic synagogue that houses the Maine Jewish Museum. And “Tree of Life” Tai Chi is all about gentle movement that enhances our vital energy. Robin Brooks, an experienced tai chi and qigong instructor, will introduce the fundamentals of tai chi and how, by simply adjusting posture, breath, and mental attitude, we can nurture our well-being. We will explore our roots, trunks, and branches as we connect with the Tree of Life and the energy of nature in the magnificent Museum garden.

About the instructor: A graduate of the Institute for Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC) in Santa Barbara, California, Robin Brooks is a tai chi and qigong instructor and visual artist whose joy is helping people of all ages and abilities. By skillfully combining age-old forms and improvising, she assists young and old with stress reduction, improved inner and outer balance, and the development of their chi (pronounced “chee”), or vital energy for health and well-being. Robin lives in Topsham with her husband, Jon, a high school English teacher, and their cat, Toshi.