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Violins of Hope

Jody Sataloff History and Art Pavillion
October 20 – October 27 2022

Violins of Hope is a collaborative exhibition between the Portland Symphony Orchestra and MJM showcasing a collection of violins that were rescued from the Holocaust and lovingly restored to stand witness to the musicians who once played them.

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Installation: Violins of Hope

News Center Maine
‘Violins of Hope’ helps Mainers remember the Holocaust through music

    • 'Violins of Hope' helps Mainers remember the Holocaust through music

      By Chloe Teboe, NEWS CENTER Maine
      Monday, October 24 2022

      The worldwide “Violins of Hope” exhibit has been in Maine for the month of October and is partnering with the Maine Jewish Museum and Portland Symphony Orchestra.

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    • Violins from Holocaust on display at Maine Jewish Museum

      by Alison Murtagh, WGME

      Thursday, October 20th 2022

      PORTLAND (WGME) – “Violins of Hope” is on display is at the Maine Jewish Museum all week. It includes 30 instruments from the Holocaust.

      Nazis confiscated thousands of instruments from Jews across Europe at that time.

      Musicians would play in concentration camps or the ghettos, and sometimes they were hidden away only to be discovered many years later.

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    • Violins of Hope PSO Performance

      Friday, October 17, 2022
      7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

      Violins of Hope is a concert project featuring a private collection of violins, violas, and cellos housed in Israel. All of the instruments were owned by Jewish people during the Holocaust and were collected following World War II. The PSO-MJM Violins of Hope Maine will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the resistance of the Terezin prisoners. PSO string players will perform on these special instruments, a 60-piece collection, during Verdi’s Requiem concert. Tickets required.

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